HSS Tool Bit

HSS Tool Bit

Approx Price: Rs 95 / Piece 
We offer a wide range of HSS Tool Bit in standard and customized configurations are manufactured.

Following Tool Bits are available:

  • HSS Square Tool Bit
  • HSS Square Tool Bit Cobalt 5%
  • HSS Square Tool Bit Cobalt 8%
  • HSS Square Tool Bit Cobalt 10%
  • HSS Rectangular Tool Bit
  • HSS Round Tool Bit
  • Parting Off Blade HSS
  • Lathe Turning Tools

HSS Single Flute Countersinks

HSS Single Flute countersinks
♦ Designed for machine use andlight.portablework
♦ Ideal for Chamferring, deburring and counter sinking
♦ Single flute construction and low controlled relief provide chatterless operation and smooth surface finish
♦ Versatility of this tool should increase productivity on all general purpose applications
♦ Availablein 60°, 82° or 90*
♦ Material Madefrom High Speed Steel :HSSM^M35 Grade
♦ Size Range Imperial: 3/16" to 2"
♦ Availablein: Setsin Wooden are also Availablein Single pes

HSS Six Flute Countersink

Approx Price: Rs 495 / Set 
♦ Designed for Economical, General Purpose Countersink Chamferring & Debarring .
♦ Chip Loads are Generating Smaller and Chatter free Machining in Possible
♦ Available in 60°, 82% 90°
♦ Material Made of High Speed Steel :HSS M2f M35
♦ Size Range Imperial: 3/16" to 2'
♦ Availabl e in sets in Wooden C ase
♦ Single pes Supplied in Plastic Box

HSS Tool Bits

Approx Price: Rs 125 / Piece 
HSS M2 Tool Bit used for general lathe works like Turning, and Boring of material like Mild Steel & Alloy steel (Low Hard Material)

HSS Cobalt Grade Tool Bits are Used for General Lathe Works Turning, Boring & Milling but for Hard Material with increase wear Resistance

Type of Tools Bits
a) HSS Round Tool Bits,
b) HSS Square Tool Bits
c) HSS Rectangular Tool Bits,
d) HSS Parting Tools,
e) HSS Engraving Tool Bits

Material : Made of High Speed Steel Grade
a] M2 with H RC 62-63 ~.
b) M35 with H RC 63-66
c) M42 with HRC 65-69 ~ -8% Cobalt
d) T42 with HRC 64-67 ~ -10% Cobalt
Size Available Both Metric & Imperial

Length for Round & Square Tool Bits
Metric: 25mm to 200mm
Imperial: 1" to 8"inches

Size of Square Tool Bit
Metric: 2mm to 25mm
Imperial: 2/32" to 1 "inches
Tolerance H8

Size of Rectangular Tool Bit
Thickness : 2mm to20mm
Width : 8 mm to 25mm
Length : 75 mm to 200mm
       :3" to 8inch
Tolerance : H12

Size of PartingTool Bit
Thickness : 2mm to20mm
            2/32" to 1/4" inches
Width     :10mm to 25 mm
          :Half to 1" inched
Length    :75mm to 200mm
          :3" to 8inch
Tolerance : H12

Size of En graving Tool
Diameter : 1.5mm to 25mm
Length   : 75 mm to 200mm
Tolerance: H8

Manufacturing Standard : IS0 5421, DIN 4364

Packed in CardBoard Box
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