HSS Reamers

Hand Reamer

We offer a wide variety of Hand Reamers.

Following types of Industrial Reamers are available:

  • HSS Hand Reamer
  • HSS Machine Reamer
  • HSS Chucking Reamer
  • HSS Taper Pin Reamer
  • HSS Bridge Reamer
  • Adjustable Reamer HSS Blade
  • Adjustable Reamer Alloy Steel Blade
  • Expanding Reamer With Guides

HSS Hand Reamer

Approx Price: Rs 90 / Piece 
HSS Parallel Shank Hand Reamer are manufactured with Milled Flutes intend to Finish Existing Holes in Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Material.

♦ Design for use in turret lathes, screw machines, drill presses and all type of machine tool equipment
♦ Ground with a 45° chamfer, suitable for reaming most materials
♦ Use for difficult to ream materials
♦ Material Made of High Speed Steel: HSS M2, M35 Grade
♦ Finish Sand Blast of Steamed Black
♦ Square End on Straight Shank Allows Reamer can be used by Operated Hand Wrench
♦ Tolerance H7
♦ Helix Angle 7°
♦ Size Range: Metric: 2mm to 75mm Imperial : 1/16" to 3"inches
♦ Shank Type: Straight/Parallel Shank
♦ Manufacturing Standard: DIN 206, BS B28
♦ Rotation Left Hand & Right Hand Cut
♦ Packet In Plastic Box

HSS Machine Reamer

Approx Price: Rs 115 / Piece 
HSS Morse Taper Shank Machine Reamer are Manufactured with Milled Flute.

♦ Used for Finishing Holes for Metal.
♦ Available with Straight Shank or Morse Taper Shank.
♦ Taper Shank is Used for Produdng Machine Reaming of Tapered Holes for Morse Taper Shank.
♦ Straight Shank used for Finishing the Hole & Remove Boor And Nicks in Machine Spindles.
♦ Designed use in turret Lather, Screw Machine Drill Press & All Type of Machine Tools equipment.
♦ Ground with 45* Chamfer Size Metric: 2.00mm to 75mm Imperial: 1/8" to 3"inches
♦ Flute Type: Straight Flute, Roughing Flute
♦ Material Made of High Speed Steel: HSS M2, M35 Grade
♦ Finish Grey Sand Blast & Black Oxide. Packed in Plastic Box

Adjustable Hand Reamer

HSS Machine Bridge Reamer

  • For Used Opening Out Pre Drilled Hole for Alignment in structural steel work Comes with Morse Taper Shank
  • There Reamer have 25° LH Helical Flutes for RH Cutting
  • Material Make of High Speed Steel: HSS M2/M35
  • Manufacturing Standard BS 328, IS 5919
  • Size Range Dia Metric: 60mm to 49.00mm Imperial: 1/4" to 2"inches
  • Packet in Plastic Box

HSS Counter Sinks 90 Degree

(Din - 335 From C)
♦ 3 Cutting Edged designed for chatter free Countersinking
♦ Nominal Diameter is Tapered towards the Shank
♦ Material Make of High Speed Steel: HSS M2f M35
♦ Manufacturing Standard DIN 335 from C
♦ Cutting Rotation Right Hand Angle 9Jdeg.
♦ No.of Flutes 3
♦ Available in: Straight Shank
♦ Size Range: 6.30mm to 31.0Cmm
♦ Paked in HasticBox

HSS Center Reamers

HSS Taper Pin Reamers (Taper 1 in 48)

Approx Price: Rs 160 / Piece 
  • Use to ream holes for standard taper pins 1/4" taper per foot(l in 48)
  • Available in straight, spiral or helical flutes
  • Straight and spiral flute are intended for hand reaming in easy to ream materials
  • Helical flute is designed for machined reaming
  • Helical construction helps prevent chips from dogging in flutes, minimizing breakage
  • Material Made from High Speed Steel: HSS M2, M35
  • No. ofFute: 6,7,8
  • Size Available Metric: 2mm to40mm Imperial: 3/16' to 1 Winches
  • Rotation RH Cutting
  • Manufacturing Standard ANSI 3942, IS0366&DIN9
  • Suppliedin Set and Single pes.
  • Packed in Plastic Box

HSS Socket Reamer

Approx Price: Rs 140 / Piece 
♦ Used for Reaming Morse Taper Hole.
♦ These Reamers have.

Type A: Roughing Helical Flutes for RH Cutting.
Type B : Pre Finishing Straight Flute for RH Cutting.
Type C : LH Helical Flutes & RH Cutting..

♦ Shank Type Parallel & Tapper Shank.
♦ Manufacturing StandardBS328/IS: 5882
♦ Finish: Grey Sand Blast.
♦ Size Range Morse Taper: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6.
♦ Material Made from High Speed Steel: HSS M2/ HSS M35.
♦ Packed in Plastic Box.

HSS Taper Pipe Reamers

Approx Price: Rs 145 / Piece 
  • Designed for reaming holes to be tapped with American standard taper pipe taps (NPT), Used Prior to Taping with Taper Pipe Taps
  • 3/4" taper per foot
  • Generally used by hand
  • Available with straight or spiral flutes and square shank
  • Material Made from High Speed Steel: HSS M2/M35
  • Each set is suppliedin a plastic pouch with reamer sizes dearly marked
  • There Reamer have Both LH & RH Cutting with Straight & Spiral Flutes
  • Size Available Imperial: 1/8" to 2"
  • Manufacturing Standard: Ansi B94.2: 19S4
  • Taper Pipe Reamers Also Supply In Set
          1/4", W & l/2"-3pcs Set
          3/8", W3/4" & l/4pcs Set.
          1/4", W, W, 3/4" & l"-5pcs Set.

HSS Chuking Reamers

Approx Price: Rs 95 / Piece 
  • Design for use in turret lathes, screw machines, drill presses and all type of machine tool equipment
  • Ground with a45* chamfer, siitable for reaming most materials
  • Use for difficultto ream materials
  • Material Madefrom High Speed Steel :HSSM2 &M35 Grade
  • Shank Type: Long & Straight.
  • Size Available Metric : 2mm to 20mm Imperial: 1/16" to 2"inches
  • Chucking Reamers Supplied in:
        a) Letter size
        b) Fraction size
        c) Dowel Pin size
  • Sets Supplied in Tetron Kit
  • Single pes Supplied in Plastic Box
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